Friday, November 8, 2013

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Here is the CBR preview for Captain Marvel #17

This is the last book I did for this CMarvel series.
Loved to work in this book.
I was lucky enough to work with amazing and talented artists such as Kelly Sue and Jordie Bellaire.

Wanna also, thank to Sana Amanat, my editor that lead us onto this amazing journey.

Here are some samples.

Here is another interview i did for Deep Art online magazine.

Chek it here.

Portuguese again.


Such a Nice Person said...

Mr. Andrade, my best friend absolutely loves your artwork in this, it is his favorite comic book of all time and Captain Marvel is his favorite character. Is there a way I could obtain one of the pencil panels for him? It would mean the world to him. Thank you so much!

Simona Di Gianfelice said...

As always you're great!!! :D

NunoC said...

Grande filipe, mais uma vez obrigado por nos mostrar a tua arte.
Fiquei também curioso sobre o teu trabalho ROOK: THE WATCHER FROM AFAR, que nos falastes a um tempo atrás, gostava de poder ver mais algumas pranchas tuas sobre este trbalho.

saveimagetothedesktop said...

how??? soo??? you're not back in it?? and i felt lucky because i saw your credit back...damn!.

big fan, love your work... just discovered your blogspot. hope to see your work again.

robyn linebarger said...

what is happening with ROOK? is that still going to be a comic?

Filipe said...

thks "such a nice person", Simona e Nuno.

savei i did get back for this special issue.

Robyn Rook is still going to be a comic of course. ;)